Fiber Optic Repair Solution

Your Fiber Optic Network Is the Backbone of Your Business; Ensure You Get the Best Repair on Your Equipment

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We inspect, clean, service and repair CATV Fiber Optic equipment


Inspected for physical damage


Corrosion is removed and the equipment cleaned


Upgrades/modifications/customer requests are performed to each piece of equipment as the customer has instructed


Fiber Optic connectors are inspected using EXFO microscopes and software to analyze connector surfaces and connectors are cleaned


The equipment is repaired and tested to meet the manufacturer’s published specifications


Equipment goes through final QC tests and repair data is recorded in CEREUS

Complimentary pickup services

Commercial Electronics offers pickup and drop-off service at your locations and on your schedule, Saving you precious Time & handling fees

Provided to our customers for over 30 years

Available to most locations throughout the US

All picked up equipment is recorded electronically and shared with clients

Similar equipment we support

Our Solutions

Line Equipment

Line Equipment

We inspect, clean, service and repair CATV line equipment.

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We inspect, clean, service and repair GPON equipment.

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Power supply

Power supply

We inspect, clean, service and repair Outside/Inside Plant Power Supplies.

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We inspect, clean, service and repair Headend equipment.

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Our Customers’ Experiences

"We were seeing a lot of repeat repairs with our previous vendor and our shelves were usually empty, but when we switched to CEI our equipment was repaired the first time and we are always stocked "

comcast freedom David - main super

"We have used Commercial Electronics for years. There have been several instances where I have asked them to fix certain items as soon as possible and it gets done. There is one time that I had called and said I needed an item asap. The next day he drove from Tennessee to Ohio to hand it to me personally."

WOW! internet, cable & phone Mark Carducci - System Supervisor