Repair Inventory Tracking Solution

Enhance your online status and tracking capabilities with CEREUS, our custom reporting software solution. Powered by Commercial Electronic Inc technology


Making Remote Inventory Tracking Easy 

Online status and tracking system that keeps you connected to your facility equipment repairs and inventories

Detailed status information from pickup through delivery

Consistent high quality repairs

QC results/test images logged and available online

Detailed online reporting including cost analysis, problem analysis , repiar history and more.

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Solve Your Plant Management Needs 

CEREUS is dedicated to serving the telecommunications industry to enhance efficiency and reduce costs 




Reduce Costs


Fast Turnaround

Track Your Inventory With CEREUS

Add another layer of tracking that you've never had before. Track, map, and tag your equipment no matter where it is.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll in CEREUS?

CEREUS is free to CEI repair service customers. Contact your sales representative to find out more. (

Does CEREUS cost anything?

No, CEREUS is free to CEI repair customers.

Is the data collected in CEREUS available to me to use for other reporting methods?

Yes, all of the QC and testing data collected by CEREUS is yours to use. By logging into CEREUS there are several export methods available to you for data download.

Is the data collected sold to 3rd parties?

CEI does not release any data collected via Ness to 3rd parties.

Do I need any special hardware to use CEREUS?

CEREUS is a web-based service that can be accessed by most browsers.