Commercial Electronics SWIFT And POW Repair

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Telecommunication and B2B Electronics Equipment Repair

Line Equipment

Line Equipment

We inspect, clean, service, repair and upgrade CATV line equipment such as line extenders, network amplifiers, nodes, Remote PHY devices, and much more.

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Fiber Optic

Fiber Optic

We inspect, clean, service, repair and upgrade fiber optic equipment including transmitters, receivers, transceivers, DWDMs, multiplexers, splitters, couplers and many more.

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We inspect, clean, service, repair and upgrade headend equipment including receivers, modulators, multiplexers, demultiplexers, qam devices, optical headend, backup and many more.

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Power supply

Power supply

We inspect, clean, service, repair and upgrade outside/inside power supplies including transformer modules, inverters, status monitoring/transponders, backup a/c and d/c supplies, and many more.

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Test Equipment

Test Equipment

We inspect, clean, service, repair and upgrade test equipment including multimeters, oscilloscopes, analyzers, signal generators and many more.

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Wireless Access Points

Wireless Access Points

We inspect, clean, service, repair and upgrade CATV wireless access points.

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We inspect, clean, service, repair and upgrade GPON equipment including OLTs, ONTs, NIDs, Splitters, PSUs, and more.

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B2B Electronics

B2B Electronics

We inspect, clean, service, repair and upgrade B2B electronics like fuel dispenser electronics, AFDs/VFDs, oven/freezer control boards and much more.

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Repair, refurbish, upgrade and replacement

for all types and models of equipment


Root Cause Analysis


NTF Screening


Equipment Testing or Evaluation


Product Upgrades

Superior Electronic Equipment Repair Solutions

Why Choose Commercial Electronics?

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Track, Map And Tag Your Equipment

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Guaranteed to Meet Expectations

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Fast Turnaround

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SWIFT (True Warranty)

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Nationwide Pick-up

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Superior Customer Service

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POW (Perfected OEM Warranty)

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Stay Connected To Your Electronic Equipment Inventory

Strategically Managed Asset Replacement Tracking Apps


Add another layer of tracking that you've never had before. Track, map, and tag your equipment no matter where it is.

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Enhance your online status and tracking capabilities with CEREUS, our custom reporting software solution.

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Why Clients Choose Commercial Electronics

With hundreds of years of combined technical experience, along with our extensive technical database and great leadership, we are able to offer customers proactive and high-value services without the high costs.

Expert Team

  • Highly trained technical staff provide the absolute finest quality repair, upgrade and engineering services
  • Training with Cisco, Motorola, Tyco, Alpha Technologies, Myers Power and Multilink
  • Equipped with the latest state-of-the-art test instrumentation

Complimentary Pickup Services

  • Provided to our customers for over 30 years
  • Available to most locations. throughout the US
  • All picked up equipment is recorded electronically and shared with clients

Inventory Management Tracking Tools

As a repair customer,  you’ll enjoy free access to NESS, our newly added customer driven tracking, mapping, and tagging application available in iOS, Android, and Windows 10

What Our Clients Say

"We were seeing a lot of repeat repairs with our previous vendor and our shelves were usually empty, but when we switched to CEI our equipment was repaired the first time and we are always stocked "

comcast freedom David - main super

"We have used Commercial Electronics for years. There have been several instances where I have asked them to fix certain items as soon as possible and it gets done. There is one time that I had called and said I needed an item asap. The next day he drove from Tennessee to Ohio to hand it to me personally."

WOW! internet, cable & phone Mark Carducci - System Supervisor