Track the Life Cycle of Your Equipment With Ness

First Complete Remote Inventory Tracking and Repair Virtual Tagging System

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Add another layer of tracking that you've never had before. Track, map, and tag your equipment no matter where it is


Strategically. Managed. Asset. Replacement. Tracking

Loss Prevention

Know who has the equipment before it goes missing

Inventory Location

Detailed on-hand inventory and location

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Control Costs

Knowing what inventory you have on hand is key to not overspending

Virtual Tagging

Eliminates having to stock physical repair tags


Track and monitor the status of your repair

NESS adds another level to CEREUS that creates CEREUS-NESS

NESS completes the tracking cycle by giving you the ability to monitor the entire life of your equipment giving you complete visibility

Know where your equipment should be at all times and who last handled it or who has it

Equipment is tracked everywhere even on your technicians' trucks

Data is uploaded back to CEREUS for further analysis

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Follow Your Equipment Throughout Its Entire Life Cycle

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Ness is Available For All devices

Add Another Layer of Tracking That You've Never Had Before. Track, Map, and Tag Your Equipment No Matter Where it is.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll in NESS?

NESS is free to our CEI repair customers. Contact your sales representative to find out more. (

Does NESS cost anything?

No, NESS is free to CEI repair customers.

Is the data collected in NESS available to me to use for other reporting methods?

Yes, all of the data collected by NESS is yours to use. By logging into CEREUS there are several export types available to you for data download.

Is the data collected sold to 3rd parties?

CEI does not release any data collected via Ness to 3rd parties.

Do I need any special hardware to use NESS?

NESS works on most Android, iOS, and Windows 10 devices. A camera on the device is preferred to make data entry simple and accurate, but is not necessary.

Does NESS track me?

No. It only captures what has been scanned by system personnel using the virtual tagging system in place by NESS. It does not track your movements.